Dear Gracious Readers

Admittedly, the art and science behind successful blogging is not something to which I have dedicated a great deal of my education. It is on my “to do list.”  Yet, even with the canyon-like gaps in my understanding on the subject, even I know that I have broken the cardinal rule of blogging by failing to update the content here without even a guest post or a word of explanation.

I promise, this was never my intention. Though the readership at Almost Home is small, I do care about my readers and I want to apologize for the way I have left yoheadu hanging.

The truth is that for these many months I have been dealing with a strange and difficult to diagnose health issue that has been nearly all-consuming. Even now, though doctors have identified to a certain degree WHAT is wrong, they have no explanation as to WHY and whether I will make a full recovery. I am being intentionally vague for fear that divulging any more detail would quickly turn this from a genealogy blog into a medical mystery blog – it has really been THAT weird.

So yeah. I’ve pretty much been in survival mode, grateful I can still take care of my kids every day. I missed my opportunity to run the Boston Marathon, which for a time was a great disappointment. In the end though, I have gained some really great perspective and have really come to appreciate things and people I previously took for granted. Truly. I am really ok with it. Life is still good.

And of course, as a genealogist, as I’ve walked this at times difficult road, I can’t help but think of our ancestors, many of whom were always and quite literally “in survival mode.” And we wonder why so few records of them exist. What recourse did they have when faced with things like difficult medical conditions? So often they were without help or hope. Another reason to dedicate ourselves to remembering their stories.

So, what next? While I won’t make any promises about the frequency of updates to come, I do feel like maybe, maybe I’m turning a corner on all this and will be able to give this page the time and dedication it deserves.

In any case, some exciting changes are on the horizon for our family as we are moving again! Our new duty station holds an interesting repository which I am very much looking forward to visiting and hopefully writing about here.

So again, my apologies. Hope to spend more time with you in the coming months.

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